Athelian Apprentices Association



From October 1987 the A.A.A. has held Biennial Reunions at various venues generally around the north of England.

Further mini-reunions have been held in the intervening years at various locations mainly around the Cotswold Hills.

2012 was the landmark 25th Anniversary of the formation of the A.A.A.

A new venue for this milestone reunion was the ‘Oxford Spires Four Pillars Hotel’ close to the historic city of Oxford. Attended by 41 former Apprentices and Deck Cadets. Members came from all over the world, travelling from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, Canada, The U.S.A., Thailand, and New Zealand.

2014 Reunion took take place in the historic city of Edinburgh, our first time north of the border.

2015 We crossed the border into Wales to hold the reunion at Cardiff.

For 2016 it was proposed that we return to the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas and suitable lodgings were found at the George Hotel at Lichfield for 24th Sept

2017 Biennial Reunion was held at the Pullman Hotel in Liverpool from 3rd to 5th October. This is a new hotel, on Google Earth it’s a building site on Kings Dock! The hotel is situated next to the Liverpool Echo Arena.

For 2018 is was proposed that we return to York, and the venue is the York Marriott Hotel from 4th until 8th October (Thursday – Monday).




For many years Stan Waldron produced a newsletter named “The Half-Deck”. 

The editing and circulation of “The Half-Deck” was passed to Toe Brown in 2009.  Since 2012 this has been circulated by electronic means as PDF files.

Athel Line Grove

When the inception of the National Memorial Arboretum was first announced the A.A.A. were amongst the first of the Merchant Navy activists to play a part and claim space for Athel tributes.

See the dedicated Athel Line Grove page.

Unknown Warriors

The A.A.A. is always on the outlook to renew contact with former Athel Line Apprentices and Deck or Engineer Cadets no matter how tenuous.

One of our members only served 2½ years, as an Apprentice in the mid 50's, and has thoroughly enjoyed the reunions - meeting those with whom he sailed sixty years ago.

There are still a considerable number of 'Apprentices' out there, known to exist but with whom contact has been lost or forgotten.


If You are (or know of) an Ex Athelian Apprentice or Deck/Engineer Cadet, please contact one of the members listed on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Athelnews and Views

Bill Meneight’s quarterly journal for the Athel Line Ltd. has now been converted to Acrobat PDF files.

All 33 volumes covering the period from ‘Spring 1969’ to ‘February 1976’ are available for purchase on CD-Rom.

Please contact the Web-Master, Martin Taylor if you wish to buy one.

A.A.A Logo Apparel

A.A.A. Fleeces, shirts and ties have been produced in the past and some ties are still available for purchase.

Another batch of fleeces and shirts may be run in 2018 if there is sufficient interest.