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More photos received from Members

These photos that I have received from some of our members are included with original descriptions from the contributor.


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From Roger Corfield


Athelduchess:  Alongside in Zamboanga in the Philippines around July/August 1969 loading coconut oil. The name was changed that autumn to Anco Duchess, in Dunquerque.


Athelduchess in the Panama Canal.  Taken from the bridge sometime in 1969.


Anco Sceptre 1972:  Taken from the foremast looking aft while crossing the Medi on a calm day.


Anco Sceptre bridge:  Not much equipment on the bridge in 1972.


Anco Sceptre chart room:  There is a note on the bulkhead signed by Stan Waldron who was old man.


Anco Sceptre in Dardanelles:  The ship was sailing in ballast from Tuapse, in Russia, to New Orleans.


Athelchief bridge:  Paul Chaperon the 2/O, doing chart corrections on a hot day in the Indian Ocean.  Photo taken sometime in early 1973.


Athelchief radio room:  The main transmitter was a Marconi Oceanspan.  Even in in 1973 it was an underpowered and out of date piece of equipment.


Athelchief looking forward:  A snap taken from the bridge one sunset in 1973.



From Hugh Pevy


Athel.jpg I can’t place which ship it is.


Athel 001.jpg the Laird and Mere in Malta 1967? After the Laird broke down near Fratelli Rocks and the Mere came to our aid and tried to give us a tow. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful and resulted in a collision with our bow which carved through a lifeboat and scared the hell out of junior engineer quietly resting in his cabin. This resulted in us both ending up in Valetta for a couple of weeks over Christmas.



Athel 002.jpg   repairs to the cabin and as you can see on down into the engine room



Athel 003.jpg  the Viscount in Hong Kong 1970. After leaving Athel line in 1970 I ended up in NZ with Mike Webb. Unfortunately my attempt to get away from tankers for a while failed and not only was I back on tankers but quess what back on an Athel tanker. The Viscount was under lease/charter to Union Company and I spent the next few years on her before she went away to scrap.


The Athelprince is discharging prefabs on to Nauru ( know an Australia refugee prison camp) 1964




From Tim Baker            Marine Artist


Athel tanker in heavy weather.


Tim gave me a photograph of this painting when we met in Melbourne in 2013.


Tim had previously sent by email a couple of photos of his work that were very familiar to me.


Check the disaster page on my personal web-site to see the original photos..


This one is the wreck of the “S.S. American Star”




This is "F.V. Massira" which went on the rocks in November 1999.






From Roy Bayne    -   extracts from his career at sea




Athel Line Head Office in Bowater House East, 68 Knightsbridge, London (1958)


Athelmonarch Apprentice Oct 1959 to Sept 1960 (11months) aged 18-19 - Capt Reeves.

Trading Russia/Italy/Russia on timecharter to Agip. Red Sea. Suez. Arabian Gulf. East Africa.

M/V Athelmonarch. Oil & Molasses tanker. Built 17
th Jan 1950 by Hawthorn Leslie, Hebburn (Tyne). Deadweight 15,632 tons. 544ft length x 67.2ft beam x 28.9ft draft.  Doxford diesel engine. Single screw. 12.0knots service speed.

In service for 22 years. Dismantled 14th Sept 1972 at Aguilar y Peris, Burriana, Spain.


Athelfoam – Apprentice under Capt ‘Gentleman Jim’ Coffey.

Trading Caribbean, US Gulf, US East Coast, Mediterranean and NW Europe.

Oil & Molasses tanker. Launched 22nd May 1951 Smith’s Dock, South Bank, Middlesbrough.  Deadweight 10,390 tons dwt. 459ft long. Doxford diesel 2SA by Hawthorn Leslie.  Served with Athel Line 12 years. Dismantled 8th May 1963 at Kure, Japan.


Crystal Diamond (Sugar Line) Apprentice.

Trading Caribbean to UK with raw sugar in bulk.

M/V Crystal Diamond discharging raw cane sugar at Liverpool.

Bulk Carrier. Launched 18th Dec 1956 at Hawthorn Leslie, Hebburn.

Deadweight 10,917 tons. 461ft length x 61.3ft beam.

Doxford diesel. Single screw. 12.0knots service speed.

After 22 years, dismantled 22nd August 1978 at Blyth by Hughes Bolckow Ltd.


Old Athelking Apprentice. June to Aug 1961 then, aged 20 promoted 3rd Mate


From 20th Sept 1961 to 6th Mar 1962 under Capt. ‘Cock’ Billson.

Trading Black Sea, Mediterranean, Suez Canal, Arabian Gulf, Far East, Russian East Coast (Sakhalin).
Oil & Molasses Tanker. Built 25
th August 1949 at Hebburn,

Deadweight 15,632tons. 544ft length x 67.2ft beam. Doxford diesel. Single screw. 12knots service speed. After 22 years in service, dismantled 14th September 1972 at Burriana, Valencia, Spain.


Atheltemplar 3rd mate from 16th Nov 1962 to 8th Jan 1964 under Capt. Mike Fairclough.

Trading US Atlantic Coast, Canada, Great Lakes, Caribbean, Panama, South America, Mediterranean, Suez, Mauritius.
Best times at sea on this ship M/T
Atheltemplar. Oil & Molasses tanker.

Built 1951 by J.L. Thompson & Sons, Ltd, Sunderland.

Doxford diesel. Single screw. Service speed 12 knots.

Deadweight 13,185 tons. 495ft 9ins length x 63ft 8ins beam.

After 18 years service, dismantled 1969 in Spain (RIP)


Athelqueen (5 months) aged 23 promoted 2nd mate 26th Aug 1964 to 13th Jan 1965.

Captains William Sloan & Keith Richmond

Trading Transatlantic with petroleum products on timecharter to Mobil.
M/V Athelqueen. Oil tanker. Built 1960 by Barclay Curle, Glasgow.

Converted to parcel tanker 1965. Deadweight 19,770 tons. 560ft length x 72ft beam.

Doxford diesel. Single screw. 14knots service speed.

After 21 years, dismantled 1981 at Gadani Beach, Pakistan (50km NW of Karachi)


New Athelking (11 months) 2nd mate 18th Mar 1965 to 12th Feb 1966. Capt’s Billson & Welsh Roberts

Trading Arabian Gulf and Far East. Singapore. Drydocking at Sasebo, Japan 6 weeks. Oil tanker. Built 1964 by Uddevallavarvet, Uddevalla, Sweden. Dwt 62,060tons, 775ft length x 106ft beam. B&W diesel. 16knots. After 21 years, dismantled 4th July 1985 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


Athelmere (9days) 2nd mate Gib 21st Feb 1966 to 2nd Mar 1966 Zeebrugge – Capt. Mike Fairclough

Single voyage – I relieved the 2nd mate hospitalised at Gibraltar with appendicitis.

Oil & Molasses tanker. Built 1st June 1954 at Hebburn.

Deadweight 10,390 tons, 459ft length x 61.4ft beam.

Doxford diesel. Single screw. 12.5knots service speed.

In service with Athel Line 15years. Dismantled 11th March 1969 at Faslane, Scotland.





From Larry Collier


Athelcrown, Newfoundland 1975






Probably the Anco Knight, but who is on the receiving end?


Anco Knight entering Willemstad, Curacao


Anco Knight’s lifeboat at Nassau


In hold football ~ Athelcrown


Athelcrown, Christmas 1974


Kite flying Athelcrown 1975





Webmaster: More likely Anco Templar, with 3/0 Richard Anderson


Can anyone help Larry indentify when or where?


Athelcrown 1974.



Webmaster: The Chief Steward is Dave Hodgson and Chief Engineer is Peter Cook.

                     Might the guy at the back be cadet D. Clarke


Reardon Smith’s training ship.



Webmaster: Second from left could be John ‘Dougal’ Wainwright?




Webmaster:I think Peter Cook, Chief Engineer, is the third from left, and second from left could be 2/E, Eddie or Ernie Cunningham.